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Fox News Tackles The Tough Issues: Can You Sleep In A Bed Brimming With Piss?

I dont know who that fella is but he should be on the Supreme Court. For months I’ve thought, maybe the Pee Pee tapes are true. Maybe the President likes getting pissed on. To that, I’ve said “who cares?” If you like a golden shower, buddy,,, grab the loofa. If that’s what makes your dingaling sing, do your thing. I dont care. You’re an adult with a fetish. We all have them (anal, feet, pudding, cake farts).

But the fella at the end. Goodness. Talk about using logic and rhetoric to your advantage. There can be no pee pee tape because if you piss in the bed, where are you gonna sleep? It’s full proof. It’s brilliant. It shoots holes into the entire Golden Theory. One does not simply travel from America to Russia without having a solid plan in place on how they will avoid cross-continental jet lag. You need a good night’s rest and the only way to do that is with a great night sleep on a piss-free mattress. Cant do that if you let various stripper empty their bladders right on your belly. Facts are facts and they are undisputed.

“Chaps! Chaps! Look at this!”


What if they established a pee bed and the other was for sleeping… Best of both worlds? You tell me.