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Father Of Victim Pinned Down By 5 People While Trying To Rush Larry Nassar In Court: "Just Give Me One Minute With That Bastard."


Question for the 3 officers and 2 other dudes on top of this guy pinning him down – why?  What are you doing?  Besides your job.  I get that, you have honor and integrity and enjoy a steady paycheck and take pride in what you do and believe in the legal system and don’t think people can just randomly attack others especially in a courtroom.  Yea yea yea I get all that.  Still, what the fuck?  Come onnnnnnnn.  Just like, bend over to tie your shoe.  Examine that “suspicious activity” out in the hallway.  Just for the love of God let this father make his way all the way to the stand and rip Larry Nassar’s eye sockets out.  We’re begging you.  Everyone except for Larry Nassar is begging you.

I just hope these guys remedied the situation by providing him with his request: 1-5 minutes alone with the bastard in a locked room.

Also if anyone there has any technical expertise, maybe set up a live stream for the internet, I mean I wouldn’t watch I’m not a sicko, but if we’re being honest I’d probably watch.

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