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Shoutout To The Stoolies For Raising 10k For Cancer Treatments Overnight


Yesterday I found out that my college roommate and longtime friend’s son had cancer. I was just cruising on Facebook and saw the post. I hadn’t been on Facebook in over two years or something like that.

Yesterday afternoon I posted a GoFundMe on twitter and asked the Stoolies to chip in what they could and use the best Ben Dover type name that they could think of as the donation name. When Eric checked the GoFundMe, he was happy about the money and about the laughs.

They reached the fund’s goal but obviously, these treatments are insanely expensive. If you can chip in at all, please do.

People give this group shit a lot but not many places can give a call to action and know that their audience will come through. We can and you always do. It’s inspiring and something I’ll never take for granted. Viva La Stool.