A New World Record Was Set At The Wing Bowl Today, Birds By A Thousand

Here’s the thing. The Wing Bowl was originally created because the city of Philadelphia rarely gets the opportunity to fully celebrate Super Bowl Weekend. We needed something to take our minds off the fact that the Eagles season had been over for at least a couple of weeks while somebody else was playing for the Lombardi Trophy. In the history of the Wing Bowl, the Eagles have only been in the Super Bowl one time. But that shit changes today. We’re about to enter a decade where the Eagles are regularly in the Super Bowl, and and the Wing Bowl–an event that is already as one of the most savage events in America–is only going to get more ridiculous.

This is a common man’s city. And nothing is more “common man” than getting blackout drunk by 6am on a Friday morning and watching a bunch of wild men, and women, destroy hundreds and hundreds of chicken wings before most people even get to work in the morning. There’s no other tradition in America quite like this. It’s always a great time to be from Philadelphia, but especially this weekend. Here’s some of the best that Wing Bowl 26 has to offer this year.

And go Birds.


And just like that, ladies and gentlemen, history was made and we officially have a new world record with Molly Schuyler hawking down over 500 chicken wings in Wing Bowl 26!!!!!


501 wings in 30 minutes for Molly Schuyler. That is insane. I don’t think I’ve eaten 500 wings total in my life before and Molly Schuyler just put them back before 10am on a Friday morning. If that’s not a sign that the Birds are bringing home a Super Bowl on Sunday then I don’t know what is. What a time to be from the greatest city in America.