Miley Cyrus Has A New Music Video And I Want To Puke Everywhere

Ever have an opinion or belief that you are absolutely mortified you once held? Just a super embarrassing line of thinking or thought process. Like for instance, when I was a little kid I thought my balls were made out of play-doh. Not like my balls were made up of a play-doh type substance, I’m saying I thought when I was made someone placed two balls of play doh in my nutsack. So fucking dumb. Can’t be dumber than that.


Well that’s exactly how I feel when I think about the 3 month stretch where I was actually attracted to Miley Cyrus. What the fuck was I thinking? So gross, so weird, so nasty. I watched that entire video and it did absolutely nothing for me. Less than nothing even. I almost turned it off to puke, that’s how nasty she is. So here’s my official apology. I fucked up, Miley Cyrus is not hot, I took Emeka Okafor and Caron Butler, they’re not bad, I fucked up. I’m sorry, I will try not to make these types of mistakes again.




I’m getting close to the same thing with McKayla Maroney. The single most overrated girl on the internet right now. So embarrassed that I ever though she was something special. Every day we post smokeshows that blow her out of the water.