A Brouhaha Between Cameramen Broke Out At Warriors Practice As Kevin Durant Was Answering Questions About LeBron James Potentially Joining The Warriors

Holy shit, did LeBron James actually figure out how to take down the Warriors without stepping foot on the hardwood? If so, that’s like MJ learning the fadeaway jumper late in his career. LeBron was always able to rely being the most talented player on the court and when he was really in trouble, he could pop off a well-placed subtweet and watch things turn around for his team. But his weakness was not being able to control other franchises and players building their own #superteams. With the Cavs slowly morphing into a dumpster fire behind the scenes, could LeBron have employed a “If you can’t beat’em, start a rumor that you are gonna join’em” strategy? I mean KD already seems worn down about these rumors a whole 15 hours after they broke and these two cameramen looked ready to rip each others throats out over who would have a better angle of Kevin Durant’s nightmarish scalp.

I’ve actually learned a thing or two about cameramen since Big Dick Peter Chernin pumped some money into Barstool and allowed us to hire professionals outside of just Hank. Cameramen are an interesting bunch to say the least. We all know Hank has a beautiful mind. Buddha Ben is a wildcard along the lines of Charlie Day. YP somehow made a frame-by-frame recreation of Portnoy’s entire life while living in St. Louis. And I imagine noted dog hater and rumored Nazi All Business Pete has a decent amount of experience holding a camera in his career. To flood the Warriors with reporters asking LeBron questions and all the cameramen that have to record those answers could kill the Warriors from the inside-out. LeBron James has been called a mental midget on this site for years, but (potentially) floating these Warriors rumors could be Bron’s Keyser Soze moment.

*Please imagine the newest LeBron shoes in this GIF since I don’t know how to do it*


Also for the record, I would bet on Black Shirt beating the bag off of any cameraman at Warriors practice. Anybody that wears a plain black shirt is always 30% tougher in my mind.