Rate This Girl's CTE Bomb

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I’m having a very fun time so far this year learning about new drinking methods the kids these days are doing.

There was the new way of taking a Jaeger Bomb

There was the valiant attempt at the blow job shot

And now introducing….the CTE Bomb

Perfect execution. Real football guy’s girl. And kind of a nice never-ending circle she has going on. Drink to forget about the concussion, have a concussion to forget about the hangover, have a hangover to mask the concussion, and drink to get rid of the hangover. Just wait til the next time you walk into a sushi spot and see all the kids in there taking CTE Sake Bombs. It’s 1000% inevitable.

PS: Shout out to 5th Year. 1 million followers in like 6 months. Not too shabby.

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