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Le'Veon Bell Roasted The Jets On Twitter Out Of The Goddamn Blue


I thought all these rumors about Le’Veon Bell and the Steelers being close to a contract were a bunch of bullshit. But after reading this, they have to be true, right? Either that or Le’Veon’s agent is screaming in absolute horror after his client talked shit about one potential suitor with a shitload of cap room as he digs in for another Cold War against the Steelers franchise tag.

Only the Goddamn Jets™ could be innocently going about their day, scouting the draft, crunching numbers, and then get completely blindsided by a kill shot tweet from another team’s free agent. And not just any free agent but one of the best players in football that was also throwing out quotes about sitting our or retiring instead of getting slapped in the face with the franchise tag again. But $60 million in cash from the Jets? Le’Veon eyeroll emoji’d that shit to hell, which is pretty much as disrespectful as it gets. “Oh you played better than anyone on the planet predicted and have a bunch of money to improve your team through free agency? Fuck you, don’t pay me!” The Jets front office has to be looking like McNulty after reading that tweet.

However, this could be the perfect play by Le’Veon. People always want what they can’t have. You learn that the first time you instinctively pull your crushes hair on the playground during recess. If things fall apart with the Steelers, who’s to say the Jets don’t offer Bell like $70 million just to see what he says? Yeah that’s ridiculous. But as someone that roots for 2/3rds of the New York Sports Unholy Trinity (Mets/Knicks/Jets), you can’t tell me you don’t see a scenario where the Jets sign a guy that had roughly 8,000 touches this year to a massive contract.