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This Video Of Pat McAfee Catching His First Fish Is Pure Unadulterated Joy

God I love Pat McAfee. He may have millions of dollars in the bank from his illustrious career in the NFL, he may fly on private jets all over the world, and he may have the nicest office in America, but this clip proves it’s still all about the little things in life for him. There’s no way you could watch that without grinning ear to ear. I’ve watched it a dozen times already and it makes me happy every time, it’s just infectious. He’s screaming, jumping up and down, kicking $20 Dollar Chef out of the way so he could cut a promo into the camera (a true fan of the graps), and living a memory that he, Shaun, and YP will never forget for the rest of their lives. Who woulda thought indoor ice fishing would create such an electric moment? Nothing against indoor ice fishing of course, but I just doubt a reaction like that over catching a nine inch crappie graces the cabins regularly. Pat’s your guy if you need a typically mundane environment cranked up to eleven, though, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

YP filmed the entire four hour struggle leading up to this glorious moment, so look out for the first Barstool Heartland x Barstool Outdoors crossover coming soon.