Packers Fan Justin Timberlake Totally Facialed a Reporter Assuming He'll Be Rooting for the Patriots on Sunday

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Go Pact? Pactriots? Pa-Pa-Patriots?

Nope, see ya later miss lady reporter. Don’t try and get JT to join the dark side when he grew up idolizing Brett Favre and Lambeau Field. I assume she just packed up (no pun intended) and left the premises and Minnesota all together following that exchange. Just trying to get a funny answer from JT since he’s performing at halftime of the Super Bowl and he completely shut her down. First off her trying to get him to admit he’s rooting against Philly when he’s got a tour coming up through there is basically being an accessory to murder. They don’t care who you are, they’ll throw batteries and whatever at you if you’re adamantly against them. So nice try reporter lady, whoever you are, JT is all about the #GoPackGo movement.