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Welp. It Certainly Looks Like Anderson Silva's Career Is Over!

Back in November, Anderson Silva failed a USADA drug test for synthetic testosterone and a diuretic that pulled him from a main event fight with Kelvin Gastelum in China. Everyone realized that unless he found a way to prove his innocence, this would likely mean the end of “The Spider” in the octagon. Some would argue the end of Silva’s career came in July of 2013 when Chris Weidman knocked the brakes off him and he was never the same again, but this was a more literal sense. With today’s developments, we were given nothing but confirmation on that as the minimum punishment he can face given his previous suspension and multiple drugs he popped for this time around is a four year suspension from mixed martial arts. Maximum is eight years, which seems absurd, but that’s how USADA deals with this shit. They don’t fuck around. Oh well! Shouldn’t have done steroids…again. Silva really went from being one of the greatest fighters of all time to seemingly TRYING to tarnish his legacy.

Relive some of Silva’s greatest moments from when he was at the top of his game to celebrate the legendary career he had…