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I Will Never Turn Down Giving An Autograph, Unlike Bryan Cranston

This morning there was a blog on this site about how Brian Westbrook gave a Cowboys fan an autograph, and he wrote “Dallas Sucks” under his name. The author wrote that he doesn’t really understand why autographs have value, or why a Cowboys fan would want an Eagles legend to sign his hat. What good does that do? And I agree.

So that being said, Bryan Cranston has officially come out and decided he will no longer sign for fans. He’ll take a selfie with you, but will not sign something. I see merit in both side of this.

Autograph side: For whatever reason, people like autographs. They feel getting an autograph from celebrities has value, even more so if they admire that celebrity. It validates their fandom. They show their friends “look, I got an autograph from Bryan Cranston”. If you are a big Breaking Bad fan, I can see how could be kinda cool if you have a pro-autograph mindset. But if you just want an autograph for the sake of getting an autograph, I don’t see the point. Which brings me to…

Anti-autograph side: If you really like a celebrity, actor, athlete, blogger, etc, talk to them. Don’t just throw a piece of paper in their face, ask for an autograph, and then move on. Have some sort of human connection. Take a picture that will last a lifetime, not a scribbled name on a napkin, what good is that? I would much rather tell Bryan Cranston how much I enjoyed Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle and get a selfie for the Gram than get his signature on whatever receipt I have in my wallet.

That being said, you have my word I will never turn down giving an autograph. It sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t even know if I know how to sign “Barstool Nate”, I have never had to do it, but it’s definitely on the bucket list. Is it because I’d much rather sign my name than have my ugly mug, fat face in a picture? Absolutely right. An autograph can never grow a bad beard or go prematurely bald. I’m in!