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15 Second Food Review: Taco Bell Nacho Fries

With 90% of Barstool in Minnesota for the Super Bowl and me being unable to get into HQ this week because of dad duties, we are bringing back the 15 Second Review because I could not wait another week to review the Taco Bell Nacho Fries.

Not surprisingly, this review went just as I expected. Well, almost. I had to turn into a Two Take Tommy when eating the cheese fry because I somehow didn’t record my original score. I’d blame Instagram for fucking up, but I know anybody that has ever read Barstool knows to blame the fat idiot blogger instead of the app created by smart people whose only job is to take pictures and videos.

Anyway, fries are always going to get a passing grade from me as long as they are cooked long enough to be crispy. 6.5 or above. Anything less would be uncivilized. But the seasoning is no bueno. Damn near muy mal. Luckily the nacho cheese puts the team on its back like Greg Jennings. More than 2 full points are added by that glorious, definitely not at all artificial cheese sauce. Did I get a few awkward looks for slugging a cup of said cheese sauce in a crowded Taco Bell during the lunch rush? Maybe. But fuck those people. We are heading to the moon and they aren’t invited.

Also, when I arrived at Taco Bell, I didn’t think that the euphoric feeling of fried potatoes and liquid cheese would be able to be topped. But that happened the minute I walked up to the register.

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