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Barstool In Minnesota, Day 4: Julian Edelman and Jared Goff Stop By, Luke Kuechly Hops In Vandy Moss, and Dave Wears A Scarf

Woke up trending in the App store and getting Sirius the most subscribers they’ve had in 5 years. Yawn.

Pretty big day in history for Barstool. Happy to have you Pat McAfee

Even on Day 4 Cuzzo is still slinging straight heat on Barstool Radio


And Barstool Heartland had quite the Day 3 including some casual ice fishing


Spice Adams, Justin Forsett, and Matt Mitrione stopped by to chill with the Heartland boys

Wish we had Spice Adams dancing on the show every day


El Pres wishes he could get Deflategate validation like this everyday. D’Qwell Jackson is a real one

What hurts more… Going to bible study with the Beibs or face planting onto ice like Ria?


Cowboy Jacks UPDATE: Pop Up Shop still going strong and now we have security for our small radio program

Natty Light is trying to pay off your student loans and Rone will tell you how

ex-NFL player Kyle Turley hopped on PMT to talk about making brains feel better. They need that advice for sure


And they took Pro Bowl Panthers LB Luke Kuechly for a stroll in Vandy Moss

Feitelberg once again has a warning for anyone trying to rattle Patriots fans

Barstool Radio got split down the middle on whether Dave should wear his scarf inside


Julian Edelman could probably pull it off

Kirk Minihane definitely cannot

Quick check in on Nate vs Smitty vs Donovan McNate Day 4


According to Julian Edelman, Gronk is actually a mathematical savant?


Evening Yak picked up right where they left off

Jay Glazer in the house


Jared Goff came by for a very, very candid convo.

I hopped on to talk about prop bets and reveal a late edition, exclusive pick from Uncle Chaps.

See everybody tomorrow…we got Kevin Hart coming on.