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Your Patriots Super Bowl LII Hype Videos Mega Blog

The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve been clear about how much I love a good mashup. And the part where Alfred tells Bruce Wayne how precious he is to him while Brady and Belichick hug? Waterworks.

The Last Jedi. A natural. “Fulfill. Your. Destiny.”

New England Patriots vs. Everybody. No words. Just footage and music. An exercise in minimalism  and bold cinematic choice. Like Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk if it took place at a Super Bowl ring party.

Us Against the World. Continuing on the theme of paranoid hatred. But told through the prism of the comeback drive against Houston.

New England Patriots Super Bowl 52 Hype Video. Not the most imaginative title. But one of the best compilations of anti-Pats sentiment followed by season-saving play after season-saving play. That’s the life’s blood of the genre.

Glory. While Stallone is basically winning the Internet with his Eagles support this week, I appreciate using his Rocky Balboa speech against him.

Every Patriots Super Bowl is a Battlefield. Personally I was a little disappointed because I was expecting Jordin Sparks. Still very good though.

Bill Belichick Onto Super Bowl LII. The montage of his “We’re onto …” alone is worth the 2:42 of your time.

I’ve been looking forward to these for two weeks, and once again the most engaged, talented and tech-savvy fanbase in all of sports did not disappoint. Keep them coming (send to and I’ll keep posting.