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The Globe Identifies the Man Responsible for Tom Brady's Daughter Being Called a Pissant: Tom Brady


Joan Vennochi, Boston GlobeYou think Tom Brady’s the best at football? He’s also the best at marketing Tom Brady.

This time he did it by cutting off a phone call during his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Kirk & Callahan” morning program over a snarky comment made about his five-year-old daughter. His abrupt hang-up, plus his questioning of his future relationship with WEEI, got Alex Reimer, the snidely-in-training who uttered the insult, placed on indefinite suspension.

When Brady arrived in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl run-up, he said he doesn’t want Reimer to be fired. Nice touch, Tom. Meanwhile, Brady’s diva act put an even bigger spotlight on “Tom vs Time,” a documentary posted on Facebook Watch.

The three episodes I watched highlight Brady’s obsession with football, his body, and his desire to win. Some scenes briefly feature Brady’s children, which is what triggered Reimer’s description of Brady’s daughter as an “annoying little pissant.” In the film, daughter Vivian seems like a typical little girl, demanding her dad’s attention. But whatever the reaction, as Howard Stern put it, if Brady didn’t want people to talk about her, he should have left her out of the documentary. …  Stern’s right about that. …

I’m no psychiatrist, but I don’t think it was overreaction as much as calculation.

Nice try, Tom Brady. But Joan Vennochi of The Globe is onto your little game.  Politely objecting to your 5-year-old catching shit on WEEI. Taking the high road. Kindly saying you wouldn’t want to see anyone lose their job just because they picked on your preschooler. It’s all part of your diva act. A cynical, calculated, pre-planned scheme to drive viewers to your Facebook page. Well Joan Vennochi sees right through your little ploy.

Besides, Brady brought this shit on himself. What did he expect would happen when he exposed Vivian to the Internet like that? A dad showing love for his little girl like that? You’re basically begging people to come after her. She’s fair game at that point. It’s like running for President. Vivian shouldn’t step into the Facebook Watch arena if she’s not prepared to have her life taken apart. It comes with the job. Alex Reimer and Joan Vennochi didn’t ask to evaluate her; you asked them. So don’t come whining to us every time someone makes “snarky” comments about her. Nobody ever said Kindergartener are a protected class. Not in the way that a part time sports radio “snidely-in-training” is.

So yes, the bottom line Brady is that you have no business being an affectionate parent who’s proud of his children in public without expecting it to “trigger” the Alex Reimers, Joan Vennochis and Howard Sterns of the world. So this was all part of some nefarious plot you dreamed up to drive traffic to your documentary, but The Globe is onto your diva act. Lastly, if you don’t want to be called an annoying little pissant, don’t be annoying, little, or a pissant. Serves you right

P.S. Does anyone think for a hot second John Henry’s little rag would print this garbage if it was written about say, David Ortiz? It’s hard to believe a paper with this kind of content is failing so miserably.