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Tomi Lahren Calls Joe Kennedy “That Little Limp Dick” and A “Little Ginger Nerd," Apologizes

Do we need to hire Tomi? This was some A+ stuff. Only thing she did wrong was apologize. Apology unnecessary but I do want to say — THIS is the Tomi Lahren we need to see. This is actually some semblance of a real, raw, candid, actual person. There’s obviously no chance she’s as crazy and corny as she plays up with her cringey moves like pulling the word “lies” out of Hillary’s “bag of lies” or ranting for the 300th time about Kaepernick, but this right here I can believe. I mean when I first saw this…

…I won’t say “little limp dick ginger nerd” is the farthest thing from what I thought.

PLEASE give me a bit more of the candid, tryna pop that P Tomi. I’m all here for that.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.25.15 AM