Jonathan Kraft Says Tom Brady Has Earned The Right To Walk Away From Football, And The Patriots, Whenever He Damn Well Pleases

(question is at 2:33)

Not sure this is exactly breaking news but carve that bitch in stone, ladies and gentlemen. Tom Brady is a New England Patriot for as long as he’d like to keep collecting checks. If it was anyone else, that might perhaps worry you. You might think that there’s a chance some fella might play long after his prime has passed him by just to secure the bag for his future family members. But are you worried about Tom Brady pulling something like that? Of course you’re not. He’s already said he’ll stop when he sucks. The day he can’t “fire that motherfucker” (as he put it in Tom vs Time episode 2) anymore he’ll turn in his gun and badge, head home to his supermodel wife, play with his kids,, be a rich man, and run his TB12 franchise. Tom Brady is the reason you can say “we’ll pay Tom Brady for as long as he wants,” because Tom Brady is a man of honor who won’t keep doing it when he can’t.


PS – We had Florio on the Evening Yak last night and he said something interesting, Florio is of the belief that Brady says he wants to play 5 more years basically every year because Brady doesn’t want the Manning, Jeter, Papi yearlong goodbye. He just wants to walk away. Again, a man of honor. Never about himself, just cares about the team.

PPS – I also loved Bob’s answer about the “dysfunction” with the current Patriots team. No dysfunction, just tension. Tension breeds competition and competition breeds success. You think everything should always be happy go lucky when the stakes are this high? Folks, you’re crazy. Step inside the Barstool office one day, tension fucking city, and we’re doing just fine.