Alex Guerrero And Bill Belichick High Fived After The "Bombshell" Report That Said Belichick, Brady, And Kraft Had A Terrible Relationship

Between Brady going Michael Jackson and Belichick just being Belichick, this is how I imagine everyone at Patriot Place looks underneath their beautiful human skin suits

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.16.18 PM

How’d the news go over at Patriot Place that the dynasty was splintering, that Belichick was retiring, Brady was tired of working for Belichick, Kraft was demanding football moves for the first time ever in order to protect Brady? Oh no biggie, Belichick and Brady’s guru high-fived and laughed and said, “Hey, we made the news!” DAMN! It looks like everything really is on the downswing. It looks like everything really is falling apart. These guys, presumably holding perfectly prepared cones of avocado ice cream, yucked it up about everyone running around the internet with their heads on fire.

Looks like things really are coming to an end. Enjoy this Super Bowl, everyone, because it’s clearly our last.