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Barstool In Minnesota, Day 3 Recap: Smitty Meets A Minnesota Mom, Greg Olsen Swings By, and We're The #1 App In The World

Woke up as the #1 app in Sports. Thanks Pinocchio!

Many people have said Pat McAfee is fading… Not so fast my friends!

Terrell Owens and Rashad Jennings think he’s just fine

Smitty has gone full Hardo a full two weeks after he should have

Not sure what Smitty is complaining about. The Bud Light house looks pretty sweet to me

Oh this explains everything perfectly. As much as it pains me to post…

Huge sale on our giant 28-3 flags going on right now. Maybe we can trade a flag for Olivia Culpo to come on Barstool Radio?

Fuck YOU Travis Kelce

Love YOU Greg Olsen

Shout out to Ryan Leaf for coming on Power 85 with some wise words

El Pres has no patience for Philly Trash. Kayce Smith can stay though

Fuck YOU Roger Goodell

Chicks in the Office covered the Jackie Kennedy losing her virginity CLASSILY in a Paris elevator

Pardon My Take went deep with their Alex Smith, Washington QB, interview

Just like Big Cat we all want Jeff Fisher to land on his feet

And hope PFT is having the happiest of birthdays. Stu Feiner certainly is.

Caleb found out how businesses are thriving around Minnesota because of the Big Game… Or ARE they?

The Chicks were out here breaking their bodies in half for content.

John has some words for Philly fans and all the haters.

Meanwhile Kevin is concerned about Human Uber faces

Pull Tabs only.

Jerick McKinnon stopped by.

And Luke Wilson killed it.

And Smitty channeled all the negativity and put out a fire video.

“Adam…he looks hurt.”

Barstool Sports…slowly taking over the world.

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