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Man Unloads Gunfire On Cop After Getting Pulled Over For Speeding

OREGON – Oregon State Police Thursday released a dramatic video showing the gun battle that unfolded in August on Interstate 84 about 100 miles east of Portland, ending in the death of a Portland motorist. Responding officers found the officer suffering a gunshot wound. They found Allen’s car a half mile down the freeway, parked on the shoulder. Allen was dead, shot once in the chest.

Scary shit that escalated way too quickly. What’s wrong with people? We’ve got dudes unloading gunfire on routine pullovers, crazy bitches going ham on the Capitol Building, our pets heads are falling off. Gotta be honest, most of the people I know who are cops are straight up meatsticks who half of them only joined the force to hold a gun and be a hard ass with a power trip, but you have to respect anyone who would put themselves in harms way like this. Glad to see the cop is alright and this dick got what he deserved. Not gonna lie though he did move around fucking great like nothing happened after getting blasted with a round to the chest. Mike Vick should take notice next time he gets tapped on the ribs.