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Lakers Are Reportedly Going To Reach Out To The Bulls To Talk To Thibs





And you’re saying I’m allowed to play Kobe 46 minutes a night?


So my gut says this is all just for show. The Lakers are exploring every option. They have to after hastily hiring Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni, both huge swing and misses. So I’m not surprised they’re talking to Calipari and Ollie and Thibs etc etc. They have to put every name out there to show they’re doing things the right way. BUT, if it isn’t, and this is a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” situation, and the Lakers genuinely are willing to part with a first round pick, and Thibs wants to leave (all things I don’t believe to be true), would it be all that bad. Just remember, the Bulls hold the cards in this one. If the Lakers want Thibs they’ll have to give up their pick (Precedent set in the Doc Rivers deal last year). That’s 3 first rounders and a possible top 3. Thibs in my opinion is a top 5 coach but replacement value on a coach vs a top 3 pick? I’d take the pick every day of the week, but that’s just me.