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This Video Of A Bald Eagle Floating On A Piece Of Ice On The Mississippi River Is Patriotic As Fuck

Not gonna lie, I praised a couple of Ruskies getting into a kerfuffle this morning because I wanted to act a little facetious about the Smitty-Donovan McNate feud while also banking some #pageviews. But something didn’t sit right with me. Giving Russians love at any time, let alone in this current climate, just felt wrong.

Luckily this video dropped from the internet heavens and has my soul singing God Bless the U.S.A. on full blast. Is it simple? Yes. But America is simple too when you think about it. Let people be free, awesome, and boom, you have the greatest country on Earth. I guarantee Pat McAfee has said that at some point in his life. If you hate this video, you hate America. Plain and simple. And if the White House is smart, they will yoink the hell out of this video for themselves and ride whatever good press they are riding from last night’s State of the Union with this masterpiece.

P.S. Let me make this clear: Fuck the Philadelphia Football Eagles. Any good vibes from this blog are strictly reserved for the country of America as well as actual living bald eagles and football teams with the name Patriots from a region that had the gumption to kick off the Revolutionary War. Hit the music, Lee!