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Ole Miss Student Creeps On Girl In Front Of Her's Laptop During Class And Tweets Out Her Boy Toy "Cody" Got Her Pregnant

As a current college student, I can tell you that there is nothing better than having someone sit in front of you who texts during class on their laptop. To the old folks out there who haven’t experienced that, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Sure, you can listen to your professor about macroeconomic theory, but when Kelsey is in front of you texting Becky about her hookup last night I know where my attention is going to be for the next hour and fifteen minutes. So, Nina, I know I titled this “Ole Miss Student CREEPS…” but you should be proud of that creeping. I firmly believe that my eyes have gotten stronger due to reading the small text font on various iMessage apps on Macs throughout my 3+ years in college. There are various people on my campus that I’ve never talked to, but know so much about strictly from reading those texts. I have, also, learned a lot about the female mind. For example, it turns out size does matter.

To the actual Cody….good luck, fam. To all the other Cody’s on Ole Miss who directly went to their current hook up’s Facebook page and searched “Isabel” on friends, congrats on the heart work out. Nina actually did you a favor today. You don’t have to go to the gym anymore. Nothing like a little pregnancy scare to get your heart pumping.

Hahahah! I just like tweeted out about your like unplanned pregnancy, no big deal, amiright?!?! Are you in a sorority, girl? See ya at the KapSig party tonight!

Gonna need a bit more info on this situation. Whoever is writing for the Ole Miss paper should do a little investigative journalism on this. What class is it? What is the girls Instagram? How is Cody feeling? Every college newspaper talks about how nobody reads their work outside of their parents. If they truly wanted to change this (most writers would prefer to complain than change), they would be reporting on stuff like this, stuff that college kids really want to hear about.

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