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Cyclist Gets Absolutely Mollywhopped By A Kangaroo

HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN!!! That was fucking awesome. This isn’t an anti-cyclist blog or a pro-kangaroo blog, even though I may have feelings that skew both of those directions. This is a funny internet video blog and that shit was hilarious. I’ve watched it at least 20 times and laugh just as hard as I did the first time. I have always talked about just how much I love Australia and its people but would never visit the country because of all the murderous creatures that live there. Poisonous snakes lurking everywhere. Gigantic spiders hiding in your shoes. Sharks surrounding the whole fucking continent. And just when you thought you were safe from the nightmares that inhibit that old jail island, an innocent ass kangaroo comes off the blind side like LT and Terry Tates your ass to sleep in a video that could have lived 10 years ago when the internet was just a place we went to laugh at the misfortune of strangers.

So thank you Mr. Kangaroo for reminding us of a happier, simpler time in our lives. And to the cyclist that made this all possible, I sincerely hope you are not dead.