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Caps Martin Erat Shoved His Stick Into the Rangers Brian Boyle's Dick

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 2.32.50 PM

I’ve done quite a few blogs about the incompetence of this current team. And now the Caps have lost 5 in a row and Martin Erat, who is somehow still playing despite having zero goals and even less of a desire to be in DC, is trying to chop guys’ dicks off. He demands a trade about every other day, gets benched, but then somehow ends up playing anyway. Never seen anything like it.

And now I think it’s time we give Adam Oates his walking papers. And GM George McPhee. GMGM has failed. He has failed to build a Cup-caliber team. And Oates is not doing a good job as a coach. The players don’t seem to like him. He hasn’t made anyone better, but has alienated 3 goalies and countless other players. I got a text yesterday that said “watching the Blackhawks play right now makes me realize how bad the Caps are”. Couldn’t be more true. It’s like night and day. This team needs help. Ovi and all his talent is being wasted. Time for shit in DC to change. Fire everyone.