Why Don't Star Wars Fans Call Themselves Star Warriors?

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So I recently stumbled upon being a Star Wars fan. I work with the one and only Robbie Fox and he encouraged me to get into the movies. That was a few months ago and I have since watched all of them (minus the prequels because LOL). I’m not a big science fiction guy but I gave them a shot and it paid off. They’re awesome.

Earlier today I was writing a blog about Harry Potter when I asked the other 3 bloggers who didn’t go to Minnesota what diehard Harry Potter fans call themselves. No one had an answer. The best answer came from Robbie who said Potter fans identify with the houses like Gryffindor or Hufflepuff or Slytherin. That seems dumb. Why not just call themselves Potterheads? Which led me to ask Robbie what Star Wars fans call themselves. He said Star Wars fans just call themselves Star Wars fans. Um laaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Which brings me to my genius thought, why don’t Star Wars fans call themselves Star Warriors? How does such a large group of diehard fans not have a group name? And why isn’t it Star Warriors? Star Warriors is a BADASS name. You’re not gonna find a cooler group name. It’s sure as hell better than Stars Wars fans. That couldn’t roll of the tongue less smoothly. Star Warriors on the other hand is pure silk. We could make Star Warrior shirts. We could have a Star Warrior cry. The Golden State Warriors could have Star Warriors night complete with Star Warriors jerseys. I mean it just works.

Resident Star Warrior diehard Robbie resisted immediately/almost leapt across his desk and killed me when I said Star Warriors. In my opinion, that’s not how Star Warriors should treat one another. We love the same movies about galactic warfare. Only makes sense that we’re warriors. Star Warriors.

So then it’s settled. Star Wars fans will be called Star Warriors from here on out. It’s really a no brainer.

#TBT to a couple of Star Warriors on their way to see The Last Jedi

Look at this lucky Star Warrior meeting Luke Skywalker! Wow!

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It’s already catching on!