The Awesome Crocodile Dundee Remake Trailer is Just One Big Super Bowl Ad For Australian Tourism...Goddamnit

Thankfully, that last teaser arrived after it was all but confirmed that the new Dundee sequel was a hoax. As reported by the Brisbane Times, it’s actually an elaborate viral marketing campaign for Tourism Australia, one which will play out in full next week during Super Bowl Sunday. Regardless of that scoop, the ad campaign must go on, and Hugh Jackman is now getting in on the fun. -ScreenRant

Goddamnit. Why the fuck would you get Danny McBride, both Hemsworth brothers, Russell Crowe, Margot Robbie, Isla Fisher and Hugh Jackman to all star in a full length movie trailer just for it to be fake? That looked like it had so much time and effort put into it and all for an Australian tourism ad during the Super Bowl?

That movie actually looked good and the thought of Danny McBride playing Crocodile Dundee’s son in a Rated R movie sounds pretty awesome. Something about a buddy-buddy movie between McBride and Thor gets me all riled up. And then you throw in the beautiful Margot Robbie and Isla Fisher along with villain Russell Crowe I mean shit why isn’t this being made into a real thing? I feel like we’re being robbed of something. McBride in the Outback is a gold mine idea.

If my math is correct (multiplying the cost of a 30 second ad by 4), airing the full two minute trailer during the Super Bowl will cost $20 million and it’s just to get people to go to Australia?

How about after the Super Bowl they all actually go make the movie?