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Meet The Rough N Rowdy 2 Fighters - Adam "Busch Light Brawler" Smith And I Don't Mean The Blockhead

This brawler is a great example of what makes the Rough N’ Rowdy so intriguing. Adam doesn’t even know who he’s fighting and more importantly he doesn’t care… Simply ready to strap on the wraps and knock some motherfuckers out. Don’t confuse this guy with Barstool’s Adam Smith who’s fighting the $20 Chef in the #RnR2 Main Event though. Smitty would never be found grinding at work with the sun that high in the sky.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre is screaming into Morgantown, WV on February 16th… Get it for $9.99 before the price goes up to $15.99 on the day of the PPV

PS Did he say “Fuck, Fight, or Hold The Flashlight… let’s do this.” WILD saying to casually throw in there

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