White College Tennis Player Says To Black Opponent, "At Least I Know My Dad"

NY Post- A white men’s college tennis player has been suspended after a black opponent tweeted that his on-court rival told him “at least I know my dad” during their weekend match.

John Wilson, the black player who is also A&T’s senior class president, said Brown made other offensive comments during Sunday’s NCAA Division I match.

“After yesterday’s men’s tennis match, an Appalachian State student-athlete engaged in behavior that was derogatory and offensive,” Appalachian State said in a release. “This student-athlete has been suspended indefinitely from the team, effective immediately, for violating the student-athlete discipline policy.”

Whelp, that’s game, set, and match for Spencer Brown! As far as racism goes, “at least I know my dad” isn’t the laziest racism we’ve seen. That’s a solid, punchy, no-fat racist jab. Straight to the point, which is that Spencer does not like seeing a black guy across from him on the court. And not just any black guy. This guy:

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.38.41 AM

Stud. Dude looks like the son of Terrence Howard and Serena Williams. And he’s class president. And he knows how to weaponize twitter. “Black twitter, do ya thing” is like giving the command to launch a nuke. Opening the gates of hell for one Spencer Brown.

Of course, we don’t know the story. We don’t know what was said on the court. It’s possible John Wilson IV said, “I bet you don’t even know your own mom.” To which Spencer, on the verge of tears, replied, “at least I know my dad!” But in all likelihood, it wasn’t this.

Oh well. I’m sure Spencer will find gainful employment as a tennis pro at his parents’ country club. And that’s a great life. I’m a huge country club guy. Though I might feel differently if I spent my days lobbing tennis balls to clinics of 6-year-old brats and 75-year-old women.

PS- still the best: