Introducing Vandy Moss, Also I Think I'm Addicted To Conversion Vans

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If you’ve been reading Barstool long enough you know that I have an addictive personality. I’ve had some weird ones in my day. That summer I ate hot dogs for every meal trying to get Carmelo Anthony to sign with the Bulls, that was odd. My ongoing (yes ongoing) quest to purchase a ghost? A little off. The handclaw, the bucket hats, my hoarding, pissing in the sink, vaping, buying scooters, buying benches at online auctions, convincing ARod I work for him, Jeff Fisher, all pretty odd. But this one is the first time I’ve been concerned for myself. I am addicted to Conversion Vans.

We rented this badboy for the week to do interviews out of it and I am in love. Something about van life just can’t be beat. It’s liberating, to know that if everything falls apart, you could just live out of your van and be happy as a clam. And let me tell you, Vandy Moss is PIMP. I love Vanny Woodhead, but Vanny Woodhead is a piece of junk compared to Vandy Moss. The heat works, the seats actually recline, there are no holes in the floor, there’s only 1 key to start it. It’s pure luxury. So if youre reading this and you’re an athlete that wants to be interviewed, hit us up. Take a ride in Vandy Moss. Promise it’s not creepy.


I may get this logo tattoo’d on my arm. Elegance, class, worldwide.

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