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Iowa Assistant Coach Leaving Team So He Can Open A Culver's


eric j

CBS Sports- Kirk Ferentz has had plenty of success over the years in convincing his assistants to remain in Iowa City over outside interest. Apparently, though, some outside interest is a little tougher to see off than that from other football programs. Longtime Iowa assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Eric Johnson announced over the weekend that he would be leaving the Hawkeye staff, effective immediately, “to pursue a career opportunity outside of football.” Johnson then took to Twitter to specify what that opportunity would be: the chance to open a new Culver’s restaurant franchise in Hendersonville, Tenn. Johnson had been a member of the Hawkeye staff since 1999 and had served as Ferentz’s recruiting coordinator for the past decade. The past two seasons he had also worked as the team’s assistant defensive line coach, having coached tight ends and linebackers for Ferentz the previous decade as well.

I love the message Eric Johnson is sending out to the world here.  He may not realize he’s sending out a message, but he totally is.  And that lesson is follow your dreams.  Not only is he saying follow them but chase them down like a cheetah going after an antelope.  Sure, people are probably saying this is an extremely odd move.  Leaving a great job at a Division 1 school and one of the top football universities (humor me, we’re pretty good actually) in the country to go and open a fast food restaurant in Nashville, TN.  Especially since Coach Johnson is known throughout college football circles to be one of the better recruiters in the business.  But what those people don’t have are the big ol’ brass balls that Eric Johnson has.  He’s willing to risk it all in an effort to open a fast food restaurant, which for all we know has been his dream since he was knee high.  You don’t know this man’s life.  And have you ever had a butter burger from Culver’s?  Oh boy.  There’s one about two miles from my house that I frequent.  Butter burgers and ice cream.  That’s what Culver’s does.  If you’ve never been to a Culver’s, just think of it as a classier Dairy Queen.  Even I have to admit that last sentence was incredibly midwestern.  Deal with it.

PS- The other message this could be sending out the world is that there is a major recruiting scandal about to drop on the University of Iowa football program and Eric is getting out before it happens.  That’s pure speculation on my part and I hope it’s not true but, in all honesty, you gotta admit.  It’s a pretty fucking weird career move to pack up and go open a Culver’s.