Bad Stretch For YouTube Stars - "ItzArya" Getting Ripped For His "Acid Attack" Pranks Where He Pretends To Dump Acid On People Hahaha Get It

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(I don’t want to give him the views or promotion so I won’t post the video – if you absolutely need to see it his account is “ItzArya” on Youtube.)

IndependentA Youtube prankster has been criticised after uploading videos of him throwing water in people’s faces.

In the footage, 22-year-old Arya Mosallah throws water into people’s faces in London months after an acid attack spree.

Several acid attacks in the capital have involved perpetrators using plastic bottles to spray corrosive substances in their victim’s faces.

HAHAHA do you guys get it?  You’re sitting on a park bench and all of a sudden someone dumps liquid all over your head.  You’ve been paying attention to the news and don’t live under a rock so you’re aware that acid attacks are on the rise, especially in the UK, where more than 400 assaults involving corrosive substances were recorded in 6 months last year – an average of two a day.  So your immediate reaction is to freak out.  BUT it’s just water!  It’s just a prank!

The “prank” comes after figures were released showing the UK has one of the highest number of recorded acid attacks per person of any country in the world.

More than 400 assaults involving corrosive substances were recorded in the six months up to April last year, an average of two a day.


God, you gotta feel bad for these YouTube stars.  Almost impossible to practice the art of comedy in today’s humorless landscape.   Used to be that if you filmed a human being hanging from a tree after they just took their own life due to a deep depression and laughed in their face and made snarky comments, you’d be a brilliant comedic mind.  Used to be if you snuck up on unsuspecting people waiting for their kids to get out of school or enjoying the sunshine reading the newspaper and pretended to dump acid all over their face, you’d be hailed as the second coming of Richard Pryor.  Not anymore.  Now it’s in “bad taste” or whatever.

Now in Arya’s defense, I believe he titled it “THROWING WATER ON PEOPLE’S FACES” and never explicitly mentioned that he was imitating acid attacks.  That’s just what people concluded because of the whole, there are acid attacks exactly like this twice a day, so their mind kind of jumped there as liquid unsuspectingly hit their face.  In which case, Arya goes from less of a scumbag to more of just a “big fucking asshole.”

Like, this guy walks around and literally throws water in your face, then calls it a prank.  Let that sink in.  That’s YouTube stardom.