Nick Saban Will Do Whatever It Takes To Land A Recruit

Less than a month after winning yet another College Football Championship, further locking down his résumé as the GOAT college coach, we’ve got Nick Saban back out on the recruiting trail trying to lock down more future NFL players that will win him more titles and make him more millions. You’d think Saban would just pick up the phone, jingle his rings together and hang up, that should be the extent of Saban’s recruiting. “Do you want to win and make the League, yes or no hurry up cause I’ve got film to watch.”

But nope, Nick Saban’s just like any other coach out there. He aint too proud to beg. “Cupid Shuffle” comes on, time to deliver one of the most technically precise, damn near robotic renditions you ever did see. That’s the best part of this video to me, not just Nick Saban feeling obligated to get down in order to curry favor with a future player’s family to get those commitment papers signed, but the fact that you can tell this isn’t even close to the first time he’s had to do this. And Saban’s been recruiting high level prospects for a longggg, longgg time now. Plenty of popular dance songs have come out over his career. So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to scour the web for the rest of the day trying to find Nick Saban hitting a mean “Crank That” back in ’08.