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Invading "Classy" Restaurants In Boston And Singing The Eagles Fight Song Is Probably Not Recommended

And, yes, “Classy” is in quotes because as a Tweet responder accurately stated classy restaurants and Boston in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Funny, perhaps. But quite possibly a dick move. Assumed fancy establishments and other spots who wish to remain neutral in this war should be considered a No-Man’s Land of sorts. Nobody was causing a ruckus, so there was no reason to invade or defend the Nest (kind of like that saying). So, yeah, don’t necessarily hate it, but we’re definitely firing the first shot on this one. I’m more of a beat ‘em on the field or save it for where a fight is needed kind of guy. Some are not, which is fine, and Lightswitch is DEFINITELY not. Naturally, this made Junkyard Lou salivate from the mouth:

Do what you need to do to #DefendTheNest (definitely decided to patented that in two quick paragraphs). It doesn’t have to be anything violent or dickish, either. It could even be good, clean Eagles fun. Like this guy reenacting Rocky’s Siberia mountain climb in Rocky IV. Solid PG rated stuff. Assuming he didn’t break himself climbing off those rocks, which he most definitely did.

Such an unexpected, lackluster “Brady!” from the mountaintops you have no choice to respect it. Reminds me of Jurassic Park on the melodica. They do move in herds…