Scientists In Japan Have Created Bananas That Have An Edible Peel For Reasons Unknown

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NYP- This s–t is bananas! A Japanese agricultural research company has developed a banana with an edible peel. Called the Mongee — pronounced “mon-gay,” which is slang for “incredible” in Japanese — the freaky fruit is grown using an extreme freezing and thawing process. According to D&T Farm’s spokesman Tetsuya Tanaka, the idea began as a research “hobby” for technical development manager Setsuzo Tanaka and evolved from there. First, scientists plant and grow banana trees in an environment kept at negative 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, the team thaws and replants them. The change in temperature encourages the plants to rapidly grow, and leaves the fruit with a peel that has a texture like “lettuce,” Tetsuya says. (Regular bananas are usually grown in temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Scientists are dope. No about about that. I wish I were smart enough to be a scientist. That’d for sure be the career path I would’ve chosen if I had the brain power. I’m so dumb that I didn’t even have a specific type of scientist in kind. Just wanted to be a scientist. Being a scientist would be amazing. You’re super smart and you get to wear those white lab coats and carry beakers around so people know you mean business. Not to mention I bet scientists get tons of pussy. It’s revenge of the nerds. Imagine being able to go out to bars and drop, “What do I do? Oh I’m a scientist” to girls (or guys, 2018). That has to have at least a 89% success rate. Add all those reasons up and that’s why I wanted to be a scientist. Instead, I liked sports and writing and making fart jokes and here we are. And let me tell you, that doesn’t get you laid as often as a scientist I bet.

Anyway. Scientists are super smart and can create cool shit. But why this? Who was pushing hard for bananas with an edible peel? Where was the demand coming from? Seems like an odd thing to spend precious time on. The only reason I can muster is that it was a bet between scientists. Like they were drunk at a bar (not sure why I think scientists are always at bars) and one of them was like, “OH you think you’re so smart? Well I bet you can’t make edible wanna peels” and boom it was on. That’s what I think happened here. Otherwise bananas with edible peels are COMPLETELY useless.