Team Lebron vs Team Curry...Who Ya Got?


Despite the NBA not having a brain and putting this on TV, we finally have our official Team Lebron and Team Curry Rosters. Let’s have a look





I hate to say it, but on paper, personally I think I have to give the edge to Team Lebron. It’s pretty lame both guys selected their teammates, but that was expected. The juicy news is clearly that Lebron picked Kyrie. You know how much Kyrie probably hates life right now? Shame on Curry for not taking him earlier so we could have had some Kyrie vs Lebron moments. Instead, he’ll probably have to deal with this shit during a fake game

In terms of the starters, I’m not sure Team Curry has the size/athleticism to match. If we’re being honest Lebron’s team is better in terms of reserves too. This is why the draft should have been televised because now all I can think about is the process of each. Who do we think went second, Harden or Giannis? So many questions, virtually no answers, what a crock of shit.

On the plus side, this will make for a more entertaining game because let’s be honest, if things stayed the same and it was East vs West, the East All Stars would get murdered. At least now the game should be more competitive once they start trying and that’s all you can really ask for.

If I was a betting man I would wager that next year the draft will be on TV, but until then who do you got? Team Lebron or Team Curry?