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The Padres Social Media Accounts Posted A Picture Of Eric Hosmer, And They're Going With The "We Got Hacked" Defense

For quite possibly the first time ever in the history of “I got hacked” defenses for unintentional social media postings, an actual hacking may have taken place. It just goes to show you how fucking boring this offseason has been that we’re even talking about this, because instead of talking about Eric Hosmer free agent rumors, we’re talking about the San Diego Padres Instagram account posting a picture of Hosmer late at night and then deleting it.

Why is that even worth talking about? Because the Padres reportedly have made a seven-year offer to the free agent first baseman, although the Royals’ seven-year offer to Hosmer is believed to be more lucrative. There hasn’t really been an update on the Hosmer front since we learned of the pair of seven-year offers from Kansas City and San Diego, which is why everyone went nuts over this post.

Pretty obvious that it’s a legit hack, though. First, that picture that they used is in the first row of photos when you Google image search Eric Hosmer:

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 2.24.04 PM

That, plus all clubs have social media teams to slap logos and shit on all of their pictures for occasions such as announcing trades or free agent signings.

So, since it’s pretty much a 100% guarantee that the Padres’ social media accounts got hacked, how easy do you think it was to guess their password? Gotta be like Gwynn19 or something. Also, never underestimate people’s willingness to make their password “password”. There are people reading this right now who are sweating bullets, rushing to change their password to something other than “password”. Rookie mistake.