A Grandma Wished Herself A Happy Birthday At 7am Because Her Grandson Hadn't Yet

(Disclaimer: who knows if this is real or not. That dude could’ve of very well texted himself cause he wanted to go viral. That’s the world we’re living in currently. Who knows)

But if it’s real, this grandma needs to chill the fuck out. She can’t be serious. She’s pooping all in her Depends over this? Uhhh yeah your grandson hadn’t wished you a happy birthday yet because it’s 7 in the goddamn morning. Millenials aren’t up at that hour. 7am? That’s a full 3 hours before this kid even thought about popping his head off the pillow. I get that her time on this earth is running short but that’s still an insane expectation. Also, if he didn’t do it at midnight, then he sure as shit ain’t gonna do it at 7am. Midnight is the hour when the meaningful happy birthday texts are sent out. The only people you text happy birthday to at midnight (or 7am) is your best friend. Or someone you’re trying to do the no pants dance with. Not your grandma. That’s creepy. Grandmas get a noon happy birthday text at the earliest. Or maybe none at all. I didn’t know my grandma’s birthdays when they were alive. So this grandma is mad at her grandson but he shouldn’t stress out about it. She won’t be mad for long cause……..well ya know.