Kansas Police Called To The Basketball Dorm After A Guy Kept Showing Up To "Offer Free Throw Advice"

Oakland v Kansas

Lawrence Journal-WorldUniversity of Kansas police were called to the men’s basketball dorm Wednesday afternoon, where a man reportedly kept showing up to give a resident there some “free-throw advice.”

The call about the man “wanting to give free-throw advice” came in about 3:30 p.m., but when police got to McCarthy Hall, the man — who’s not a KU student — had already left, KU police Deputy Chief James Anguiano said. For that reason, at least as of about an hour after the call, police didn’t plan to file a trespassing or other criminal report, Anguiano said. (Radio traffic indicated the man had been there multiple times that day before the police were called, and may have come back again just before 5 p.m. Note: Subject’s clothing description included a blue and red windbreaker.)

Anguiano said the name of the intended recipient of the man’s advice was not relayed to him by the officer on scene.

“The name of the intended recipient of the man’s advice was not relayed to him”

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In the final 3:37 of the KU’s 85-80 loss to Oklahoma Tuesday night in Norman, Oklahoma decided to repeatedly foul Udoka Azubuike, sophomore center from Nigeria, in hopes he’d miss his free throws. And the strategy played out just like Oklahoma wanted.

Azubuike — shooting an abnormally low .375 from the free-throw line — went 1 for 8 in free-throw shooting for the game. In the final 3:37 he went 0 for 6.


Listen I don’t know who this guy is, I don’t know what his deal is, but at the same time, I know exactly what his deal is.   He’s the #1 Kansas Jayhawk fan in the country, on the planet, in the universe.  He’s everything a college sports fan should aspire to be.  He’s not leaving horrible messages anonymously on a message board, he’s not sending hate mail and death threats to a college kid, he’s not harassing him on social media.  He’s showing up at the dorm to offer his help.   To aid a young player’s development in a very weak aspect of his game.  And he’s not even asking to be paid!  Coaches are paid millions for this stuff.  He’s volunteering.  All he asks in return is for his beloved Jayhawks to close out a game down the stretch.  Rock Chalk indeed.


My favorite part is the red and blue windbreaker.  This guy absolutely shoots 100% from the line.