Draymond Green Officially Renamed Brian Windhorst "No Neck" On Twitter


Damn Draymond, did you really have to do Windy like that?!? Murdering a man on Twitter just because he brought up one of your old quotes when talking about your teammate’s beef with the refs is cold as hell. It’s not Brian’s fault it looks like he was born without a neck and appears to be a floating head like the Wizard of Oz. As a fellow large man with more chin(s) than the average man or woman, I know that sometimes any semblance of a neck may recede into our huge shell of a torso.

And don’t think Draymond didn’t enjoy gutting Windy with this subtweet. He knows it’s high season for LeBron haters and LeBron’s Number 1 Fan is always an easy target. If you made a career out of LeBron since LeBron was actually Young LeBron instead of a Ghost of LeBron Past on Instagram, you are fair game for any collateral damage that may come out of it.

Also I feel like people can’t be mean to Windy for what he says when is around his TV cohosts. He clearly gets all excited because he is around a couple of friends talking roundball and starts sounding like Martin Prince from The Simpsons. Because that’s pretty much exactly who he is. Tell me that this isn’t Windy in the 3rd grade.



You can’t.