In Today's Cavs Drama, Apparently Dan Gilbert Is Entertaining The Thought Of Selling The Team

Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce General Manager Koby Altman

Ok first things first. Consider the source. Stephen A Smith loves to throw shit against the wall, but every once in a while he’s on to something so I’m ready to consider this a fact. Here’s what I know, you do not sell a team with Lebron James on it. I don’t care how much your players hate each other, until someone proves they can knock Lebron off in a playoff series, you don’t willingly give up a team that could make the Finals year after year after year. That tells me maybe Gilbert knows Lebron is leaving and wants to cut his losses? It’s no secret that without Lebron the value of this team most likely takes a hit, and if I’m Gilbert why would you want to spend the kind of money he’s facing in luxury tax penalties for a team that won’t have Lebron? If he leaves, they probably overpay for someone else, and are just as fucked.

A quick Google search tells me that Gilbert is worth $5.7 billion dollars, so it’s not as if he’s hurting for cash. Even with how crazy the sale prices have been for other franchises, what is his motivation? He knows how much his franchise value took a hit the first time Lebron left and they struggled to win like 30 games. No chance he wants to go through that again.

If you’re a prospective buyer, why the hell would you pay the price it would cost for a team that might not have Lebron? Worst case let’s say Lebron and Isaiah both leave. This team is left with Kevin Love for what, two more years? I’m sorry but if it were my money I wouldn’t be all that thrilled about a life with Kevin Love and whatever the BKN pick ends up being.

Also in related Cavs subtweet news, it looks like Kevin Love finally grew a spine! Proud of him.

While there are plenty of billionaires begging to get into the NBA business, I feel like this is the perfect time for Barstool to throw their hat in the ring. We sat on our hands when the Rockets were sold, we need to learn from our mistakes. What’s the point of being a 100M company if we can’t put a group together to buy an NBA franchise? Perfect place to sell Barstool branded alcohol and clothing. Imagine the content, behind the scenes videos during the trade deadline, the draft, free agent meetings etc. Be the first NBA team completely open to the public. Dave, if you’re reading this (ha!) this is me planting the seed in your brain so your brain can come up with the idea in a few weeks. Let’s get it done.


Imagine Lebron commits and Gilbert sells to Dave anyway? We NEED that to become a reality