PSA: Whatever You Do, DO NOT Bite An iPhone Battery

You probably already knew not to bite an iPhone battery so this is more of a refresher course. Or maybe you didn’t know. Maybe you catch your iPhone in the right light from time to time and just wanna bite the shit out of it. Well if you fall into that category then this PSA is for you: DO NOT bite your iPhone battery. It will end poorly. That dude almost got his face blasted clean off. Although it didn’t end as poorly as it could’ve or should’ve. The guy who chomped into that battery like it was a chocolate bar got super lucky. It’s a goddamn miracle the video didn’t end up like this

Women and children running in every direction. Blood and brains splattered all over the place. People scarred for life. Instead his head and nose and eyes are somehow still intact. But still, don’t bite an iPhone battery if you can avoid it.

PS- Remember this super fake video of Cee lo Green’s cell phone exploding?

That lit the internet on fire for a full 3 minutes before literally everyone else realized it was fake. But those moments where people thought it was real was something.