Chinese Chick Gets Four Egg Sized Balloons Implanted In Her Face


The Sun – A WOMAN born with a huge mole covering her face now has four egg-sized balloons under her skin as part of a drastic op to save her life. Doctors fear Xiao Yan’s birthmark could turn cancerous, if they don’t try to remove it. The 23-year-old was born with the rare mole, a congenital melanocytic nevus – a type of birthmark that affects around one per cent of babies worldwide. Last March, when Xiao began to complain the mole was hurting, medics became concerned. They warned without treatment, which is taking place at the Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital in east China, the birthmark could become cancerous. Doctors said the 23-year-old’s condition will have to get worse before it can get better. So far, they have inserted the four egg-sized balloons under her skin. They are regularly injected with saline, to gently expand them – stretching the skin as they do. The idea is that by stretching Xiao’s skin, when specialists remove the mole, they will have enough skin to replace it with. Xiao, from the rural village of Longjing in Guizhou province in south-western China, would have to face living with the massive mole without the treatment.





If the doctor ever says to me “Well we can turn your head into a 4 sided fidget spinner or you can die of face cancer,” just go ahead and let the cancer take me. Just let that big old cancer mole do its thing. Matter of fact just chop my whole head off. Just take the whole fucking thing before you go and put a drone helicopter underneath my face. I wonder just how big they let this thing get. Started out as one of those hand held knobby massager things under there


and next thing you know its like 4 mini basketballs

But the thing is we’re in China. A in China is you might wanna just leave your face like that. You get some notoriety as being the girl with 4 brains or some shit. You’ll be getting interviewed by Donnie for Whoa Thats Weird. You’ll be on game shows and what not. Probably get some porn offers and become a Hentai star or something. If I’m a white guy I’m chopping my head off, if I’m a Chinese girl I’d tell them to take their time with the birthmark surgery and just let this thing ride out.