Meet The Cast Of Netflix's Mötley Crüe Biopic, 'The Dirt'

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I fully understand in writing this blog, I’m about to cover one of the more niche subjects in the world – the casting of a Netflix biopic about an 80’s hair metal band – but I’m okay with that. I care about this tremendously, and have, for the DECADE or so it’s been in production. If you don’t, get out of this blog now. In the rock n’ roll world, ‘The Dirt’ has basically been Chinese Democracy: the film. Pre production starts, stops, pauses, people drop out, movie gets cancelled, new people come in, movie gets revived, rinse and repeat once a year. It’s been so painful to follow because Mötley’s story is so incredible Hollywood couldn’t write it, yet it fell into their lap, and they just weren’t making it! They’re like the Derek Jeter of the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll lifestyle. Nobody, even those directly involved, can fathom the tales to come out of the 80’s on Sunset Strip. Vince Neil was buying baby powder from drag queens (he thought it was coke), Nikki Sixx was nailing people’s earlobes to tables, Tommy Lee was fucking studio engineers to get deals on sessions, and those are just about the most tame/PG stories I could possibly think of. Check out the book this’ll be based on if you want your mind blown, metal fan or not. Now, let’s look at the cast for the flick…

Machine Gun Kelly – Tommy Lee

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While I could see this visually for sure, I’ve never seen MGK act in anything so I don’t know if he’s actually a good actor or if it’s something he does because he can. He’s most notably been in the Showtime series, ‘Roadies’, but also has a few smaller roles here and there. I’m a little skeptical, but if we’re just talking looks, I think they kinda nailed it.

Douglas Booth – Nikki Sixx

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Douglas Booth fits the role Nikki has envisioned since the start of this project many years ago. He’s a completely unknown actor. Out of the four, I think he looks the least like his real life counterpart, but with some teased hair and some blush he could pull it off. The issue for him is gonna be getting a good wig.

Daniel Webber – Vince Neil

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Another relatively unknown actor here who’s only been in Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’, but another one where looks are knocked out of the park. I think he looks the MOST like his real life counterpart, and his own struggle will be hitting the high notes, and I don’t just mean while singing. Vince Neil’s voice isn’t an easy one to replicate.

Iwan Rheon – Mick Mars

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I’m sure a lot of you will recognize this guy from ‘Game of Thrones’, which I’ve still yet to binge. Trent tells me he’s so incredible in the show that I shouldn’t be worried one bit, and I listen to my man Trent at all times.

Overall, the casting obviously doesn’t tell us too much about the quality of the movie, but it does ramp up the hype factor for sure. We’re really gonna see Mötley as a movie! Principal photography begins next month, and ‘The Dirt’ has no release date in target as of this writing.