Alexa Is Predicting That The Eagles Will Win The Super Bowl

As much as I want to ride with robots as we blindly hurtle into the future, I have some doubts about Alexa’s reasoning. In the clip above, Alexa celebrates the Eagles “relentless offense.” The clip below highlights their “relentless defense.” Alexa’s relentless use of relentless suggest her one-note punditry might be a little uninspired. Robots might wind up taking our jobs, but they can be lazy too.

Future Phillie Mike Trout, who has replaced Bradley Cooper as the must-cut-to celebrity at Eagles games, has also predicted that the Eagles win the Super Bowl. If you don’t think his fandom is important, the Angels held a press conference for Trout yesterday just so he could talk about the Super Bowl. I don’t know how smart the idea is for the Angels to let their top player/impending free agent further build his relationship with another city, but the Eagles buzz is just too much right now.

But the most important predictor of success made his call over one calendar year ago.