Nice Guy: El Chapo Says He Won't Kill The Jurors Assigned To His Trial

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TMZ- El Chapo says he’ll be gentle as a lamb with jurors in his criminal case, so it’s totally unnecessary to sequester the panel. Chapo’s lawyers filed legal docs, objecting to the federal prosecutors’ motion to keep jurors anonymous and sequester them during his trial, which includes charges of conspiracy to murder. Prosecutors clearly fear Chapo may order his crew to take out some of the jurors because of his history of violence and tampering with the judicial process. Chapo’s lawyers beg to differ, saying sequestering the jury will “create the extremely unfair impression that he is a dangerous person from whom the jury must be protected.” The lawyers say the charges are merely allegations of violence supported only by witnesses who are getting reduced sentences for their testimony.

What a nice guy! What an angel. Maybe we’ve got El Chapo all wrong. Maybe he’s not as bad as he’s portrayed to be* in the media. Sure he’s broken out of prison a few dozen times but that might just speak to how good of a person he is. He believes he’s innocent. He thinks he’s been wrongly accused of all his crimes. I wouldn’t want to sit in a prison cell for crimes I didn’t commit. So what do you do? You break out. You dig out massive tunnels and escape. And now on top of that these jurors have his word that he won’t kill them. Boom. Good enough for me. Drug dealers are men of honor. There’s a strange honor system they adhere to. If El Chapo says he won’t murder innocent jurors then I have no choice but to believe him. What a gentle soul El Chapo is.

*He definitely is as bad as he’s portrayed. Way worse actually. He’s gonna kill the fuck outta these jurors with the quickness if they reveal their identities. No doubt about it. Release the names and addresses of these jurors and El Chapo’s crew will be at their door step before sundown. He’ll have their heads on a stake for the entire town to see. El Chapo don’t play. El Chapo sure as fuck don’t play with jurors who are trying to convict him of his crimes. The streets will run red with juror blood.