Last Night In The NBA: Where The West Swept The East

Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs\

Hello and welcome to another edition of Lsat Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything that happened from the night before in the Association. We had 5 total games yesterday, each pinning and Eastern Conference team against a team from the West, and let’s just say it was not great for one of the conferences. The West won all 5 matchups and there are a couple teams in the East right now really dealing with some shit. As always if you for whatever reason couldn’t watch, that’s OK, here’s what happened

Kings (14-33) 105 vs Magic (14-33) 99

Good to see the Magic get back to stinking, this time running out of gas in the fourth quarter and falling to an equally shitty Kings team that didn’t even play George Hill since he’s about to be traded or ZBo.  So who would step up in his absence? Willie Cauley Stein sure did his part with 21/9/4 on 9-18 shooting

and then there was Garrett Temple coming out no nowhere with 34/5 off the bench on 14-17 shooting

Temple was the man in  that fourth quarter that really was the difference in this game dropping 19 of those points in the final frame. Other than him the rest of the Kings couldn’t buy a shot, going a brutal 2-12, so it’s safe to say Temple bailed them out just a little bit. I will say it was a surprise that SAC pulled this out given they were 6-19 on the road heading in, and while I’m sure they’re happy to pull it out, I personally would rather get the lottery odds help.

For ORL, despite the losses Elfrid Payton is playing some pretty legit basketball over his last 5 games, to the tune of 19/5.2/5.6 with 70/75% splits. He had 21/7/7 last night, as ORL didn’t have an answer for him

The same could be said about Evan Fournier during this same stretch, where he’s averaging 20/3/3. He had 22/4 last night and has been shooting the ball really well as of late. Of course you waste performances like this when you turn it over 17 times and only score 17 points in the fourth quarter, but that’s not all that surprising when you look at who it was now is it.

Spurs (31-18) 114 vs Cavaliers (27-19) 102

Yeesh. I won’t fault CLE for losing to SA in SA where they are now 20-3 at home, but they are now 2-7 over their last 9, with both of those wins coming against the Magic. With 6 losses in their last 7, it’s clear the Cavs are slipping big time. It’s always tough when you are struggling to have to go against a Popovich team, even without Kawhi. On the same day he would be elected to the All Star team, LaMarcus Aldridge dominated CLE


Not only did Love not stand a chance against LMA, really nobody did. The same could be said for a guy that seems to have taken over the SA starting PG spot in Dejounte Murray. He was great too, with 19/10 on 8-15 shooting, as he really overpowered Isaiah and others with his size. He’s kind of like Shaun Livingston in a sense that he’s a super tall PG standing at 6’5, and we saw why Pop made the switch from Tony Parker

The Spurs needed this win because they had been sliding a little as well, and now sit tied with MIN at 31-18 and in the 4 spot in the West. A big second quarter gave the spurs control of this game, and because they are the Spurs, they weren’t fazed by a quick CLE run late. Instead, they responded with a nice 11-0 run of their own and closed the deal.

For CLE, it’s clear something is going on. Whether it’s Jae Crowder not helping Kevin Love up off the floor, or Isaiah still not having his legs under him yet and looking just a tad less explosive, Ty Liue has already said he’s making changes to his starting lineup as if that’s going to help. I would imagine that move is taking out JR Smith, who was 0-fer last night and has been having maybe the worst year of his career.

I also do not find it a coincidence that on a night that was going to be all about Lebron, he took 23 FGA and no other starter took more than 9. At least he got his 30k point though!


Celtics (34-14) 107 vs Lakers (18-29) 108

Full blog is coming, but let’s just say I think it’s time for Celtics fans, myself included, to pay a little less attention to what’s going on in CLE and look in the goddamn mirror at what’s happening with out own team. Four awful losses in a row, this one may sting the most. Fucking Lakers. Fucking Kuzma

Thunder (27-20) 109 vs Nets (18-30) 108

Man, the Nets almost had this one. Another late close game for BKN, I thought they were going to be able to hold on, and honestly if not for an illegal pick by PG13 on OKC’s last possession, maybe they do. But nonetheless, the Thunder pulled it out, using a giant fourth quarter and some pretty solid performances from two main guys that helped prevent what would have been a pretty bad home loss for them

I think PG13 made a pretty good case as to why he maybe should have been an all star with 28 points which he had in just 3 quarters (didn’t score in the fourth), and it’s hard to beat OKC not only when they get that type of offense from him, but also as a team turn it over just 4 times. Any team that has Westbrook that’s an impressive number. The Thunder have now won 5 in a row which is the longest active streak in the league, and they’re doing their best to try and join the MIN/SA party, but still sit 3 games back.


For BKN, Spencer Dinwiddie probably thought he won it with his layup at the end with 7 seconds left, and he continues to be a pleasant surprise. Nobody really stuck out outside of Joe Harris who had 19 off the bench

and even though BKN has lost 4 of 6, they’ve been almost every game which just goes to show you they haven’t given up on the season despite their record. If you’re a BKN fan, I guess that should make you feel good.

Warriors (38-10) 123 vs Knicks (21-27) 112

The Warriors are such jerks. They always let you feel like you’re in the game, and then the third quarter rolls around, they decide to try, and within 5 seconds you’re cooked. Well that’s exactly how this game went. After not really trying in the first half, the Knicks kept it close, then came the 37 point third quarter and next thing you know you’re behind by double digits. Steph Curry as you expected was unconscious with 32/6/7 and 8 made threes

and Durant chipped in a relatively tame 14/14


but the Warriors showed us last night that they can also kill you with their depth. The GS bench finished with 43 points and besides Nick Young who went 2-5, everyone else was .500 or better. Safe to say the Knicks bench could not match that type of production.

When your team scores 123 points and Klay/KD combine to go 8-20, I’m not sure what anyone is supposed to do.

For NYK, no Porzingis obviously impacted their chance of winning this game, but the fun part of that is it usually means we get a whole lot of Michael Beasley, who did not disappoint.

Courtney Lee also had 20, and as a team the Knicks shot 51% for the game so it’s not as if they played all that poorly. I just think giving up back to back quarters of 37 points is something they should avoid next time they play that’s all.

And that’s it! You’re now all caught up on everything that happened last night in the NBA. We’re back with 9 total games tonight, including some good ones like BOS/LAC, PHX/IND, CHI/PHI, and MIN/POR. As always, if you miss anything just check back tomorrow and I’ll fill you in.