The Answer To All Of The Cavs Problems Is....George Hill?

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The Cavs are in ruins, this is no secret. Even Lebron’s puppet can’t seem to deny it

One day it’s Isaiah’s fault, then Love’s, but there is good news on the horizon apparently. All of Cleveland’s problems appear to be coming to an end with this proposed trade for 31 year old George Hill. Windy also said this is basically at the 1 yard line, so for the sake of this blog let’s consider this a done deal. How exactly does this help?

Don’t take this the wrong way, George Hill is a good basketball player. He’s an immediate upgrade over Calderon and Derrick Rose, so in that regard CLE is a little better. However, there are some problems. First, his contract.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 2.33.23 PM

20M this year and 19M guaranteed next year with his third year only having 1M guaranteed. With guys like Lebron and Isaiah set to hit the market, do you really want 19M invested in George Hill? Don’t forget the Cavs are already dangerously close to the luxury tax even with this trade next year, and how much is Gilbert going to want to shell out for a team that may not be a true title contender?

But also, let’s look at this from a basketball standpoint. We all agree the number one problem with the Cavs is their defense. Well, Hill is having the worst defensive season of his career. I’ll grant him that playing in SAC absolutely has impacted his numbers, but as it stands right now he has a defensive rating of 114. Opponents this year are shooting 48.5% against Hill per 100 possessions, which stinks. He does have some size at 6’3, but it’s not unfair to say that his best defensive days are behind him and what about this CLE team leads you to believe as a group they will help improve his defense?

He fits offensively from the standpoint that he is having a career year shooting the ball from behind the arc, making 44% of his threes which is legit. He doesn’t need the ball which is a big thing if you are going to play with Lebron, and again, he’s better than what you have. You can’t really run him in P&R because he kinda sucks at it, averaging just 0.77 points per P&R possession while shooting 37.8%, putting him in the 42nd percentile. Not great.

Here’s one more thing to consider. The Cavs are clearly looking to upgrade, but using both Shumpert and Frye’s contracts for someone like Hill will make it even tougher for them to form a package around that BKN pick for a more legit player if they so choose. If you take them out, the only other salary filler on the roster would be JR Smith and Tristan Thompson, who I can’t imagine anyone would want right now.

Personally I’m all for this, because the idea that George Hill is suddenly going to be all the help that Lebron needs to turn this around is pretty funny. Also because one time in 2K the computer signed him as a FA for my team and he was HORRIBLE, and when has 2K ever lied?