Diamondbacks Fan Spills Beer On His Date While Going For A Foul Ball, Gets "The Look"



Oh did I say “The Look”. Because I meant every single look in the girl handbook. Seriously if you haven’t seen all of these looks at one point in your life you’re either 14 years old or somehow have never fucked up (which makes you a tool). She hit them all. All of them.



The “Oh my god my purse/jacket is SOAKED and I HATE these fucking immature boys” look.




The “Becky, why the fuck did you make me come on a double date with this douchebag. You owe me BIG time, all I want is a mature guy who makes tons of money not some FRAT BOY!”




The “No it’s totally fine, I’ll just sit with my coat in my lap for the rest of the game and be totally sticky from all this gross beer you jerk” look.


Sidenote – Bro on the left has the “He is totally fucked and I’m not saving him because I don’t want to get my dick ripped off” look.




The “Fake laugh but I really want to murder everyone here and get me out of here I can’t believe I ever even thought about blowing this asshole, I hate myself and want my sweatpants and some Fro-Yo” Look.




And there it is. For all you young stoolies out there, besides the “You’re drunk AGAIN!” and “I know you didn’t just ask me if I’m on my period because you think I’m acting like a bitch” look we’ve hit them all. Remember those and remember no matter what, you’re fucking screwed.




Insult to injury by the announcers saying this guy looks like the guy from King of Queens. Not just Kevin James, because that would mean he actually looks like Kevin James. No they just went with that character that was super fat and sloppy, yeah he looks like that one.